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Oktaio developed an app for Jabreen Castle that offers visitors an interactive and immersive digital experience. The app includes interactive maps, audio tours, and augmented reality features that allow visitors to explore the castle in a new and unique way.
With the Blend Menu system, orders can be placed quickly and accurately, reducing potential errors or miscommunications that can occur with traditional waiter-based ordering. This leads to faster service and a smoother overall dining experience.
Oktaio Company provided me with very high-quality services in writing content and making comprehensible and wonderful presentations, as the Oktaio team designed publications that won the admiration of many of my clients
The self-service nature of the Blend Menu system empowers customers to take control of their dining experience. They can easily explore the menu, view detailed descriptions and images of dishes, and make informed decisions about their orders. This interactive and engaging process enhances customer satisfaction.